About Us

Accountancy Problems was created on November 19th, 2013. The story?

It was a rainy night. The frogs were the only thing she heard. Beside her, her father, always proud of whatever she did, she had a love for sharing memes and pointing out the obvious truth. She was like every other student. Failing each test, struggling each lesson. But there was one thing she had that kept her going – humor.

And so Accountancy Problems was created! It began with one school and soon spread across the whole nation.

We have admins from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Originally to ease the stress of Accounting Students that they usually don’t see because of studying too hard. Designed to make your dark review nights brighter and see that Accountancy isn’t that bad – when you know someone else is with you who is going through the exact same thing.

It became a community. A unity of Accountancy Students agreeing with each other that although their choice in life isn’t easy, it was worth it. Accountancy Problems shows you that studying is easy when you have your friends, your family and a whole community right by your side.

As time flew by the community grew bigger. Spreading from school to school and soon enough it was nationwide phenomenon of Accountancy Students laughing together through the pain. We knew this wasn’t enough. We knew that the group has enough number, has enough strength and has enough positivity to push things higher.

The Admins from then on made a decision that we will always serve the accounting community. We want to be one of the small reasons why someone will keep moving forward, reach their dreams and add to the roster of Certified Public Accountants.

We aim to provide the following extended services (with love):

– provide knowledge to high school students wanting to take Accountancy but do not know what it’s about
– provide a list of schools with tuition, location and passing rates for them to choose from
– provide review materials for accountancy students
– provide review school information for Accountancy graduates based on their location and budget
– provide review materials for CPALE takers
– provide a schedule of events for CPA’s in need of CPD units

And much more. We only function better when we hear your feedback.

So we thank you for being part of what makes Accountancy Problems better.